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Setting up Your BuzzStream Account
Connecting your email to Buzzstream
Connecting BuzzStream with your Exchange email account via Exchange Web Services with a username and password
Connecting BuzzStream with your Exchange email account via Exchange Web Services with a username and password

Send emails through Buzzstream and keep track of your conversations by connecting your Exchange email account to BuzzStream.

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Note: Exchange email connection options are not available for the Starter Plan. If you want to be able to use the Exchange email connection but are currently on the Starter Plan you'll need to upgrade your account. To see a list of our plans view our pricing page.

Supported Versions:

Currently, we support Exchange Web Services connections using AHTTP Basic Auth for Exchange 2016, 2013, and 2010. If you're running Exchange 2007 you will need to connect with IMAP and SMTP. Instructions can be found here. Please Note: If you use Outlook at work, but are unsure if your email is hosted on Exchange, please ask your IT department.

Requirements for your Exchange Server:

In order for BuzzStream to connect to your Exchange email account, the following things are required. If you are unsure if your Exchange Server is set up to accommodate the requirements or have questions about your Exchange setup, please ask your IT department

> Firewall exceptions enabled - The following five IP addresses need two-way traffic to the Exchange Server.






> Exchange Web Services (EWS) needs to be enabled for your Exchange Server.

> HTTP Basic Authentication - This needs to be enabled for EWS on the IIS server so BuzzStream can connect. We strongly recommend you do this over HTTPS.

> Authentication Credentials - Typically you can pull this from Outlook. You'll need to know the following information before you get started:

  • Exchange Server Address

  • Username for signing in (and format)

  • Your email password

  • SSL requirements and used port numbers. Typically the SSL port for connecting to Exchange is 443. However, some Exchange setups use other ports. Please check with your IT team to verify the authentication details before you try and connect your Exchange email account.

Directions for Connecting BuzzStream to your Exchange Server

Click the Gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream and select 'Connect to Email'.

Click the 'Add email account' button and select Exchange.

Enter your Send As name. To connect with Exchange WEb Services (EWS) select the radio button labeled "Authenticate with a username and password". Enter your Email Address and Password. Click Next to continue.

Enter your Exchange Server Address, your username (in the correct format), and your email password. FYI -the password is automatically populated from the password you entered in the previous screen. If you are using a password management program we highly suggest you clear the password field and manually enter the password to avoid any issues with the wrong password being populated by your password manager. Click Save to continue.

If we're able to connect you'll get confirmation of the successful connection.

Click Save to finish. When BuzzStream makes a successful connection to your Mail Server, you will receive a test email in your inbox with the subject β€œBuzzStream test message”. If you receive an error message check your settings and try again.

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