Connecting BuzzStream with your Office365 email account

Send emails through Buzzstream and keep track of your conversations by connecting your Office 365 account to BuzzStream.

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Integrating your Office 365 account is simple, and is the first step to sending emails and keeping track of conversations in BuzzStream.

Currently, we support two options for connecting your Office365 email account. You can use Microsoft's OAuth 2.0 to authenticate and connect to the mail server using Microsoft's Graph API, or you can connect to your email account using your username and password if you prefer.

Requirements for connecting to your Office365 account:

There are a few requirements you'll need to meet in order to connect to your Office365 account. If you are unsure if your Office365 account is set up to accommodate these requirements or have questions about your Office365 setup, please ask your IT department.

> Microsoft's Graph API needs to be enabled to accept connections for your Office365 account. In order to send and receive emails via Microsoft's Graph API, BuzzStream requests several permissions, called 'Scopes'. These give BuzzStream the the access needed to match incoming emails to contact records and to send your email. Your IT or Group administrator may need to grant permission for you to connect. The following Scopes are required:

  • offline_access





> Authentication Details - For Office365 there are two authentication options.

  1. Using Office365's OAuth 2.0 connection - This authentication option leverages your Office365 login without needing to provide a username and password. If you currently have or are required to have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled, this is the connection method you will need to use to connect your email to BuzzStream.

  1. Using a username and password to connect* - If you're not able to connect with the OAuth connection you will need to connect with your email address as the username and your password. During the connection process, you will have the option to select the radio button labeled "Authenticate with a username and password" (as detailed in the 3rd image below) and you'll be able to enter your username and password credentials to connect.

    * If you are using a username and password to connect you will be connecting to your Office365 account via a different connection method using Exchange Web Services (EWS). The following services need to be enabled within your Office365 account:

    - Exchange Web Services (EWS) needs to be enabled for your Office365 account. (Most Office365 accounts have this enabled by default. If you have a custom configuration you may need to have your IT team enable this.)

    - HTTP Basic Authentication - This needs to be enabled for EWS on the IIS server so BuzzStream can connect. We strongly recommend you do this over HTTPS. (Most Office365 accounts have this enabled by default. If you have a custom configuration you may need to have your IT team enable this.)

> Firewall exceptions enabled - You may need to have permission set on the firewall of your network to accept traffic from BuzzStream's IP addresses. If this is required for BuzzStream to connect to your Office365 account, the following five IP addresses need two-way traffic to the Exchange Server.






Directions for Connecting BuzzStream to your Office365 account

Click the Gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream and select 'Connect to Email'.

Note: Before you get started, make sure you have logged into your Office365 account.

Select Office365 to move forward. If you already have email accounts integrated and you want to add another click the "Add Email Account" button.

Enter your Send As name and select the radio button labeled 'Authenticate via Office 365'. Click 'Next' to continue to connect to your Office365 account via OAuth.

*If you need to use the 'username and password' connection method simply select the radio button for the option "Authenticate with a username and password" and you'll be able to enter your credentials to connect. Click Next to continue and we'll attempt to connect your account.

You'll be presented with an Authorization screen to launch the OAuth process. Click 'Authorize' to continue.

If you're already logged into your Office 365 account a window will open with the message "Trying to sign you in". If you're not signed in to your Office365 account you'll be prompted to log in.

In the event you get a notification during the connection process from Microsoft detailing that you need to have admin approval to connect, then you'll need to contact your IT team to get permissions established.

If we're able to connect you'll get confirmation of the successful connection.

Click Save to finish. If BuzzStream made a successful connection to your Mail Server, you will find a test email in your inbox with the subject “BuzzStream test message”. If you receive an error message check your settings and try again.

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