Yes! You can send each recipient in your list a different link by using Dynamic Fields in them. For example, let's say you want to use the 'Research Link' field that BuzzStream captures to personalize each email. To do this, you'd take the following steps:

1) While you're in the 'Edit Sequence' screen, right click on the Dynamic field you want to use for personalization and click 'Copy'.

2) Highlight the text where you want the link to appear and click the Link icon.

If you want the text for the link to be personalized, you can highlight a Dynamic Field and click the Link icon

3) Paste the Dynamic Field into the 'URL' field. Remember, the Dynamic Field you put into the URL field should be a URL. Otherwise, it won't work correctly in the emails you send.

4) Before sending, make sure you both preview your emails and send yourself a test email to make sure the links are working correctly.

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