Adding unsubscribe links to your emails provides recipients with a way to opt out of receiving future emails from you. We strongly recommend including them in your emails in order to decrease the likelihood that your emails will be reported as spam and to adhere with spam regulations that apply to you (e.g., CAN-SPAM in the United States).

To add an unsubscribe link, navigate to the gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner and go to the 'Connect to Email' page.

Select the email address that you’d like to add or change the unsubscribe text for, click the pencil icon.

Scroll to the Unsubscribe Text section and write your desired unsubscribe text.

To add the unsubscribe link, select the text you want to link from and click the link icon

The Insert/Edit Link dialog box will appear. Select the 'Use unsubscribe link' checkbox and the text will link to the Unsubscribe page.

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