By connecting your twitter account to BuzzStream, tweets and DMs between you and your BuzzStream contacts will automatically be added to BuzzStream. You'll also be able to tweet directly to them from your BuzzStream account.

How does BuzzStream track twitter conversations with my contacts?

Once you give BuzzStream permission to access your twitter account, we look for @mentions and direct messages with contacts in BuzzStream that have a valid Twitter ID in their contact record. When BuzzStream finds a match, it adds that communication to the contacts history.

How do I add my twitter account to BuzzStream?

To add your twitter account to BuzzStream:

  1. Go to the Gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream.

  2. Select the Twitter Tracking tab. Click Connect with Twitter.

  3. BuzzStream uses the Twitter OAuth process to connect to your account. If you’re logged into your twitter account with the same browser, BuzzStream will detect your account automatically.

  4. If you are not logged in you can enter the Twitter credentials of the account you want to add.

  5. Click Authorize App to complete the process. You'll be returned to BuzzStream. The Connect with Twitter text in the button will be replaced with your Twitter ID. A green box will be presented below to let you know you successfully connected.

If you ever want to connect to a different account, use the link below the blue Twitter button to connect to a different account. Repeat the same process.

How do I set privacy options?

To make all your DM's private use the radio button options found under By default, who can see twitter direct messages for this account? ‘Only Me’ makes all DM's private and ‘Everyone’ sets them as public.

How do I remove my twitter account from BuzzStream?

To remove your Twitter account from BuzzStream, log directly into your Twitter account on Go to the Settings for your Twitter account. Select the Applications tab. Find BuzzStream in your list of allowed applications. Click the Revoke Access button in the right side of the BuzzStream listing. Twitter will revoke the access. If you decide you want re-establish the permission for BuzzStream to access your twitter account, you can restore access by clicking the same button now labeled Undo Revoke Access.

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