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Can using click tracking impact email deliverability?
Can using click tracking impact email deliverability?
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Yes, but it depends on factors like your email practices, your spam score and your approach to linking. Before turning click tracking on, we recommend that you test it in your account to see how open rates compare for emails with tracking turned on and off.

One approach you can take to decrease the chance of deliverability issues is to make sure you use descriptive text in the link text. Here’s why this matters…

If you have click tracking turned on, BuzzStream replaces your link with a link that redirects through our service. A common tactic used by phishing attacks is to hide a bad URL behind a URL that people trust. Because of this, some email filters mistakenly flag emails with tracked links as spam.

To decrease the chances of this happening, make sure you always use something descriptive for the link text, rather than using the URL (so that it doesn’t appear as though you’re trying to trick the user into clicking on a URL that they’re not actually going to be directed to). For example, use BuzzStream rather than

In addition to this, use services like litmus to keep track of your spam score across different services and always follow email deliverability best practices.

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