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Setting up Your BuzzStream Account
Connecting your email to Buzzstream
Connecting BuzzStream with your Exchange email account via IMAP and SMTP
Connecting BuzzStream with your Exchange email account via IMAP and SMTP
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BuzzStream currently does not fully support exchange connections. However, many customers have successfully integrated their exchange email accounts with BuzzStream by applying the instructions and information found here.

How we connect to the Exchange Server:

To activate Outreach, you need to add an email account to BuzzStream. Each user can add their own account. Setting up email in BuzzStream has two parts:

  • Automatic Email Tracking allows us to track emails to and from contacts.

  • The Outgoing SMTP server is a requirement for sending Outreach.

BuzzStream connects to Incoming Mail via IMAP and will connect to Outgoing Mail via SMTP.

What BuzzStream does when connected:

BuzzStream connects to the incoming server using IMAP to index email messages that match contacts’ email addresses in BuzzStream. Nonmatching emails are ignored. The Outreach Module connects through the SMTP server so that users can send emails through their email account to contacts from BuzzStream.

Your Exchange Server settings requirements for connecting to BuzzStream:

This information will help detail to your IT staff or provider what settings and permissions the Exchange server needs to allow BuzzStream to connect to your email.

1. Make sure that BuzzStream's server can access your Exchange server. If you have a Firewall or IP Address specific permissions for accessing the Exchange Server, you will need to set permissions to allow two-way traffic for the IP Addresses of BuzzStream's Servers:






2. Enable IMAP connections for the incoming server.

3. Enable email forwarding for the SMTP server, also called "mail relay". This will allow you to send mail in BuzzStream through your exchange email account.

Directions for Connecting Your Exchange Server to BuzzStream

  • Incoming Mail Server Address

  • Incoming Mail Server security settings including any custom port numbers

  • Outgoing SMTP Mail Server Address

  • Outgoing SMTP Mail Server security settings including any custom port numbers

  • Username format (Some email providers and exchange servers require a full email address and others just the username. Check with your email provider or IT department for their requirements)

Enter the required information in the fields.

There are some additional settings options. For details on these see "How do I Connect My Email in my account?"

  • Signature (optional)

  • Unsubscribe Text (optional)

  • Access Setting (optional)

  • Send Limit Setting (optional)

Click Next to continue. Enter your IMAP Mail Server address and Username. Your password is automatically populated from the password entered in Step 1.


BuzzStream will try and authenticate to your mail server. If we can't Authenticate you'll see a section titled Advanced Settings added to the screen. This section contains the security settings, which are set to SSL using port 993 by default. You can edit your security settings here if you need to.


Click Next to continue. Enter your Outgoing SMTP Mail Server address and Username. Re-enter your password. Again, BuzzStream will try and authenticate to your mail server. If we can't Authenticate, you'll see the Advanced Settings options appear on your screen.


Click Save to finish. If BuzzStream made a successful connection to your Mail Server, you will find a test email in your inbox with the subject “BuzzStream test message”.

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