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Connecting BuzzStream with other mail service providers

Send emails through Buzzstream and keep track of your conversations by connecting your email account to BuzzStream.

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You can connect your BuzzStream account to other mail service providers using IMAP and SMTP. Make sure your email account is an IMAP account. We support integration for any POP email accounts.

First, click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of BuzzStream.

Select Connect to Email in the settings menu options.

Step 1 - Select the Type of email account you want to connect.

Select from the email options using the icons. If your email isn't hosted by Gmail, Office365, or Exchange select 'Others'.

Step 2 - Basic Account information

Enter the following to begin the process of connecting to your email:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Password

  • Description (only used in the Connect to Mail settings)

  • Add Signature

  • Create personalized unsubscribe text

Additional Settings:

There are two additional settings you are able to set for any integrated email account. These include Access permissions and a daily send limit.

Access permissions give you the ability to control access for other users within your BuzzStream Group Account. You can set permissions for:

  • Who can see emails from this account

  • Who can send emails from this account

The Daily Send Limit allows you to set a send limit for the number of outgoing messages from the email account for a 24 hour period. Different email hosts have different send limits. Based on your email providers daily send limit, we give you the option to set an outgoing limit for your account in BuzzStream.

When finished click 'Next to continue.

Step 3 - Setup Automatic Email Tracking

Enter your IMAP Mail Server address and Username. Your password is automatically populated from the password entered in Step 1.

BuzzStream will try and authenticate to your mail server. If we can't authenticate, you'll see a section titled Advanced Settings added to the screen. This section contains the security settings, which are set to SSL using port 993 by default. You can edit your security settings here if you need to.

Step 4 - Connect to Outgoing Mail Server

Click Next to continue. Enter your Outgoing SMTP Mail Server address and Username. Re-enter your password. Again, BuzzStream will try and authenticate to your mail server. If we can't Authenticate, you'll see the Advanced Settings options appear on your screen.

Click Save to finish. If BuzzStream made a successful connection to your Mail Server, you will find a test email in your inbox with the subject “BuzzStream test message”.

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