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Setting up Your BuzzStream Account
Connecting your email to Buzzstream
Connecting BuzzStream with your Gmail or G Suite account.
Connecting BuzzStream with your Gmail or G Suite account.

Send emails through Buzzstream and keep track of your conversations by connecting your Gmail or G Suite account to BuzzStream.

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Integrating your Gmail or G Suite account is simple, and is the first step to sending outreach emails and keeping track of conversations in BuzzStream.

Video: Connect BuzzStream with Gmail and G Suite

To connect your account, follow these steps:

Navigate to Account Settings

  1. Click on the 'gear' icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

  1. Select 'Connect to email'.

Connect Your Gmail Account

  1. Click on the Gmail icon.

  1. A new window will open, listing the Gmail accounts available for connection.

  2. Choose the Gmail account you want to link to our software.

  3. Click 'Allow'.

Add Additional Information and Signature

  1. Provide optional details, such as name and description, for your email account.

  2. Add your signature to ensure that outreach emails sent from our software include your contact information.

Customize Unsubscribe Text and Email Access

  1. Edit the 'unsubscribe' text as desired. The unsubscribe text is the text and link that will be added to the bottom of your emails that recipients can click to opt out of receiving emails from you.

  2. Set who can view emails sent from this account and who can send emails from this account.


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