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How can I delete my BuzzStream account and remove all data in it?
How can I delete my BuzzStream account and remove all data in it?
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As part of our commitment to data privacy and security, BuzzStream provides you with the ability to control all of your data in your BuzzStream account. This includes the ability to delete all of your data.

If you would like to delete all of your account data, you can do this by doing three things: 1) deleting the contact records in your account (both Websites and People), 2) disconnecting the email addresses you've connected to BuzzStream, and 3) canceling your account.

Deleting Contact Records (Websites and People)

To delete contact records, click the address book icon and select either People or Websites.

Select the 'all records on the page' checkbox at the top of contact list.

Once you've selected the contacts, select the 'Edit' toolbar and 'Delete'.

Disconnecting Email Accounts from BuzzStream

To disconnect email accounts that you've attached to BuzzStream, first click the Settings tab in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream. From the Settings page, select 'Connect to Email'

From here, select the 'Delete' option for each email connection that you want to remove from BuzzStream.

Canceling your BuzzStream Account

To cancel your BuzzStream account, you must be an Account Owner. To cancel. To cancel your account, click on the user icon in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream and select 'Account'.

Scroll down to the last section Cancel Account. Click the link Cancel My Account.

Getting Help with Data Removal

If you need any assistance deleting your data, simply email us at

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