Please note. We highly suggest you test sending Outreach messages through the Alias account/s added to your Gmail and Google Apps account before you start conduct Outreach. it to make sure you have an understanding of how it works.

To add the 'outgoing only' alias email address (set up in a gmail/google apps account) in your BuzzStream account, follow these steps:

Click the 'gear' icon in the bottom left-hand corner of BuzzStream and select 'Connect to Email'

Add an Email Account and select Other as the provider.

Enter in all the info for the alias address. You will need to put a password in the password field. If you don't have one put the password in for the authenticating account. Set all permissions and click Next.

Do not set up Automatic Email Tracking. Instead, click "Skip and configure outgoing sever >>"

Enter in the Outgoing mail server (for Gmail/Google Apps (""), the user name (full email address) of the account you are authenticating through, Password, and in Advanced Settings enter in the SSL type and Port. Click Save to finish.

You have now set up the email alias in BuzzStream and you can send Outreach from that address. If you have other Alias accounts to add, repeat this process.

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