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Ahrefs integration
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Connecting to Ahrefs in BuzzStream is very straightforward. To so do, just click on the Connect to Ahrefs button in the edit project screen, or new project creation modal.

Now you’ll be taken to our third party integrations screen in a new tab. From here just click on “Connect to Ahrefs.”

You’ll then be taken to Ahrefs to approve the integration. Do so, then you’ll return to BuzzStream.

Now you’ll be able to review how many third party integration rows are available for your Ahrefs plan. Note that these do not affect the number of rows available in the main Ahrefs application. These draw from a separate pool used only for third party integrations in products like BuzzStream.

When you’re done, navigate back to your project. Now you can select the metrics you’d like to include in your BuzzStream campaign. You can also review the amount of credits that will be charged to your Ahrefs account for each site or prospect added to the campaign.

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