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Email Privacy Rules
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What are email privacy rules?

Email privacy rules prevent internal and sensitive emails from being added to contacts in BuzzStream. Email privacy rules allow you to enter mail domains and specific email addresses that shouldn't be viewable by everyone on any contact records that have those email addresses/domains.

How do they work?

You can add both specific email addresses or mail domains to your email privacy rules.

When you add an email domain, any emails on contacts that have email addresses in that domain will be marked as private. When you add a specific email address to your privacy rules, emails for that address won't be tracked at all.

By default, BuzzStream adds privacy rules for all email addresses that BuzzStream users sign up with, as well as any associated mail domains.

Example of a domain-wide rule

  • the domain '' has been added to email privacy rules

  • One team member has the email address '' and that email address has been added to the Website record 'Jane's Blog'.

  • When Jane views the record for 'Jane's Blog', she'll be able to see any conversations between BuzzStream users and

  • When Jane's team members view the record for 'Jane's Blog', the same conversations will be marked as 'private' and won't be visible to them

Example of a rule for a specific address

  • The email address '' has been added to email privacy rules.

  • The contact record 'Jane Smith' includes that email address.

  • No email conversations between BuzzStream users and that email address will show up on the 'Jane Smith contact record

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