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Using 'Bulk Send' to send press releases
Using 'Bulk Send' to send press releases
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Use BuzzStream's Bulk Send capabilities when you’re sending to a targeted list that needs little to no personalization.

NOTE: Bulk Send is a premium option which is not available to customers on the Starter plan.

To access Bulk Send, just navigate to the Outreach List in your current project. From there, select the contacts you’d like to send outreach to, then select “Outreach” from the selection menu. From that menu select the “Bulk Send” option.

Step 1: Compose

Select the account you’d like to send from.

Next, select the Sequence or Template you’d like to use in your outreach. Once you’ve done that, you can make final edits to the email, as well as to any follow up emails you’ve added.

On the right side of the composer you’ve got several other sections available. These will let you set reply or followup notifications, Track opens or clicks, set an Unsubscribe message, or add new Dynamic Fields to your email.

Once you’re done, click the “Review” button to move to the next step.

Step 2: Review

In the Review step, you’ll review and set the recipients for your Bulk Send. At the top left of the screen you’ll see three sections: All recipients, Need Review, and Removed.

All recipients shows your full list, including both recipients that are ready for send and ones that need some attention.

The Need Review section includes recipients that need some clean up before you can send the email. Generally this means that you need to specify their email address or populate a missing dynamic field. To do this, just click into the field itself

The Removed section includes recipients that BuzzStream removed automatically. This includes contacts that are being contacted in other sequences.

If you need to change the recipients for your bulk send, you can do that from the Recipients dropdown.

BuzzStream defaults to the recipients selected for your websites. When a Website doesn't have a recipient, the first email address added to the site is used.

To see how each email will look, click the ellipsis icon and select 'Preview'.

To view each of the emails in your list, click the 'next' icon:

You can also send a preview email to your email address to make sure it's formatted correctly:

Once you’ve corrected any errors and are comfortable with your list, you're ready to move to the Confirm step.

Step 3: Confirm

Before sending your emails, you can confirm that the tracking, notification, and unsubscribe settings are correct. To modify them, click on the 'modify settings' link.

You can begin sending the emails immediately by clicking the 'Send now' button, or you can schedule them for later by clicking the ellipsis button:

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